Lesson 1-Becoming a Memory Maker

Welcome to the wonderous world of travel!  Being a travel consultant is a fantastic, rewarding career because we get to help others make their dreams come true.  As you go through this training, take notes and ask questions.  We are all in this together.  In the travel industry, you will find, that things are constantly changing from new resorts and cruise ships to new travel laws.  All of us are constantly learning in order to be able to Raise the Bar for our clients so don’t be afraid to ask questions!  We are here for you!!

As a travel consultant, you are a Memory Maker!  Many people save for months, sometimes even years, to be go on vacation and they are trusting you to help them.  With this great honor also comes great responsibility.  As a memory-making, travel consultant you are the face of your client’s vacation until they finally get to their destination.  They will look to you as the professional to have everything in order, answer questions in a timely manner, give them accurate information and to most importantly, make sure that their vacation runs smoothly.  Remember, they came to you for a reason and you want people as life-long clients. 

The most important thing to remember being a travel consultant is you MUST have everyone’s complete first, middle, and last name as it appears on their passport for international travel and driver’s license for domestic travel, as well as, correct dates of birth.  If you do not remember anything else, please remember INACCURATE NAMES AND DATES OF BIRTH is the number one thing that will cause you to lose money, time, and a potential life-long client.  Do not take for granted that you know how to spell a person’s name.  Either have them spell it out for you or, better yet, send them a New Client Form and have them fill it out.  Or, have them email you their information.  This may not always work; however, if you can get in to the habit of having the client fill out their own information then it will make your job easier when it comes to accuracy.

Here are some examples:

1.      If someone calls you and says their name is Steven.  Is it Steven or Stephen?  Ann or Anne?  Violet or Violette? 

 2.      David tell you that his wife’s name is Sandy Joe Smith and you book the trip exactly as he has told you:  Sandy Joe Smith.  At final payment, David tells you that he checked with his wife and her full name on her passport is actually Sandra Jo Hill, her maiden name.  This will result in a total cancellation of Sandy’s airline ticket and she will have to be re-booked at the current rate costing your clients more money and YOU possibly losing future business

 Takeaway:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS double check the correct spelling and date of birth of each passenger as it appears on their passports/driver’s license.

Accuracy plays such a key role in what we do on a day-to-day basis.  It may sound silly but it is always better to double check everything:  dates, destination, resort/cruise line.  We all get busy and make mistakes so check & double check.

 You can create a New Client Form on Google docs that can be sent directly to your email once your client completes it.  Click HERE for an example created on Google Docs.

 Examples will also be loaded on www.rtbtravel.com under the Agent Portal with passcode:  RTBtravel1


How did you hear about RTB Travel Group?  ______________________________

 Traveler Information:

First, Middle, Last Name as it appears on Passport or Driver’s license & Date of Birth.  Enter N/A if no middle name.

 Traveler 1:

Traveler 2:

Traveler 3:

Traveler 4:

Traveler 5:

Traveler 6+:


Please enter in the primary traveler’s information

Billing Address

Mailing Address (if different)

 Telephone Number

Please enter all telephone numbers in which you may be reached.


 Email Address

Please enter all email addresses in which you may be reached.


 Wedding Anniversary

In order to celebrate your anniversary, please enter the month/day/year.  If none applies, leave blank.


 Type of Trip

Please select the type of trip you are interested in:

 ____ Honeymoon

 ____ Anniversary

 ____ Family Vacation

 ____ Couples Trip

 ____ Quick Getaway

 ____ Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

 ____ Destination Wedding


 ____ Other

 Other Information:

Please enter any other information that we need to craft you the best vacation.  Dates, locations, experiences.  All information is helpful.

  HOMEWORK: Contact Brian to get registered and to begin your Disney College of Knowledge training.

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