Before making a payment, please make sure to read the following Terms and conditions.

These terms are set forth from LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise The Bar Travel Group located in Weldon Springs Missouri. Payments for vacation packages, hotels, cruises, airfare or tour programs are accepted by LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group with the understanding that the passenger agrees to all conditions of this contract prior to submitting payment to Raise the Bar Travel Group and its independent contractors no matter how payment was received. ( Link, phone, online)

PASSPORTS: Travel outside the United States by air requires US Citizens to carry a passport. Some countries require passports to be valid for up to six months past the date of your return to the US. It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to research and obtain any needed documentation such as passports, visas, innoculizations, etc. Any passengers denied boarding due to improper documentation will not receive a refund. LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise The Bar Travel Group is not responsible for names misspelled on the documentation as we remind you to look over and verify that the information in your documents match your passport exactly.

Cancellations: LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group acknowledges that cancellations happen. Our agents should have gone over travel protection options with the passenger at the time of booking. For more information, on the cancellation policy, please talk to your travel advisor..

Passenger reservations are subject to the penalties and agreements set forth by the vendor of which your vacation package was booked. Cancellation and change policies are mandated by the respective vendor, cruise line, or other third party supplier.

No Insurance: Insurance is optional but highly recommended and is offered to all guests. If passenger has declined insurance, passenger agrees to absorb any cost, fees, or penalties that may accrue due to a cancellation, flight delay, flight cancellation, medical emergency or any other reason that is covered in our offered insurance policies and LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise The Bar Travel Group is not responsible for any cost, fees, or penalties. The penalties could be result in a full loss of the entire package price.

Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance can be added up to 7 days after a deposit has been made. If passenger initially declines insurance, it may still be purchased until the 7th day after deposit. At which time, Cancel For Any Reason insurance will no longer be available; however, alternative travel insurance is available up until the day of departure.

Once insurance has been declined, it is the passenger’s responsibility to contact their travel agent if they are interested in travel insurance.

Airline changes or Delays: LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise The Bar Travel Group is not responsible for airline schedule changes or flight delays that occur after you have booked your package or while you are traveling. Flights are subject to change based on the airlines needs. LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group is not responsible nor has any control over the changes. Airline changes that effect your reservations such as delays that cause you to miss nights of your stay, or miss connections are not the responsibility of LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group. If you wish to cancel your package due to a major schedule change, the tour operator usually gives you that option with no penalty.

In the event that you have a flight cancellation or delay while traveling that disrupts your vacation, please contact your travel agent who can be a liaison on your behalf with the airline operator.

Reservation Requests: Unless your reservations states you have purchased a certain type of room and bedding configuration, LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group cannot be held responsible if requests for room locations, bedding, floor, adjoining, smoking preference or other similar requests are not honored. All requests are subject to availability and are at the sole mercy of the hotel, resort, cruise line and tour operator. Our agents will make every effort to note the reservations of your request and e-mail the resort when able to try and get your requests accommodated. Please mention or note at time of check-in your requests before going to your rooms so they can try and accommodate your requests and look for notes we have entered at that time.

Baggage: You can find the latest baggage fee schedules on your airline's website and many give discounted baggage fees when paying online in advance. Please ask your agent about securing your seat location and baggage at a fee before travel. Many airlines restrict seat assignments to airport check-in only or charge for seats on their websites. Many travel packages do not include airline baggage charges so please contact your agent if you have any questions about baggage and if it can be added prior to departure.

Resort Fees and Service Charges
: There are some fees that may not be part of your vacation package. Some fees must be collected in the state or country that they are being charged. Examples to include: daily resort fees, cleaning fees, parking fees, country entrance and exit fees. LLD Travel, LLC dba Raise the Bar Travel Group and your agent will make you aware of any fees that we know of in advance. There are times where we are not made aware of fees before your check-in. Please note that we are not responsible for any unexpected fees that may be charged to you at the time of check-in. If you feel these fees are erroneous then please call your agent. Note that some countries have entrance and exit fees that may not be included in your package price.

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