Know Before You Go


When traveling you will need a government photo ID if traveling domestic or a passport for all international travel.

Click on the passport photo to be linked to to learn how to obtain / renew a passport, visa information, and much more.

You can also find up to date travel warnings here

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Travel Tips

Before you leave: Notify your credit cards / bank that you are traveling. Call cell phone provider and see what best options are for your carrier and for using your phone in destination. I put mine on airplane mode, turn off data and then just use Wi-Fi when available. 

Make a copy of your passports photo page and leave them with someone or load the photo to your phone so if you should lose your passport you can get a replacement easier.

Be to the airport early
, 2-3 hours before a flight seems like a lot but remember, there is a plane full of people traveling at the same time as you. Expect a long line at the check in desk and security. It will go faster than you think. 

Paperwork on the airplane.  Please have your documents handy as you will most likely be asked to fill out some paperwork for your arrival to your destination. You will need your passport number, flight numbers and hotel name and a PEN.

Transfers: After you have gone through customs and security and claimed your luggage, GO OUTSIDE to get your transfers. Ignore anyone inside as they are time share people. Your transfer company should be listed on your documents.

Pack a Yeti, Tumbler or large double walled cup with a lid. You cannot take liquids through security so have cup to fill up with water after TSA check. You can also use this for the resort! The cups tend to be small at the resort, so if you take your big YETI cup or like tumbler you won't have to fill it up as much and it keeps your drinks colder longer!!! 

TSA. Remember, you can only have 3.4oz of liquid or lotions in your checked bag and they should be in a quart size zip lock for easy removal. You will have to take them out of your carry on for screening. Anything bigger will get taken away and kept by TSA. Shampoo, Sun Screens, lotions, drinks, perfume, etc. must be put in checked bag. No sharp items in carry on, razors, pocket knives, etc. See a list of restrictions here:

Bring sunscreen; put it in your checked bag but in a place easy to access. It is cheaper here than on resort. (do not put it in your carry on, it will get taken away if over 3.4 oz.) 

You may get to the resort before your room is ready.
THIS IS NORMAL, you can still use ALL the areas of the resort, eat, hang out, use pool, order drinks etc. The bellhop will watch over your luggage as you use the resort. You can change in a bathroom in the lobby and then have access to your bags to put your travel clothes back into then you can enjoy the resort. You can then check back in with the front desk and once your room is ready they will take your bags up to your room for you. 

Pack a carry on with the following or pack these items in an easily accessible area of your suitcase: Swim suit, cover up, sun screen, beach bag, flip flops, hat, sun glasses etc. anything you may want to use while waiting for your room. There are bathrooms available to you to change in the lobby.

Be patient. You may be traveling at a busy time of the year. Rooms may not be ready when you arrive as check in is typically at 3pm,. The airport may be crowded, and transfer line may be longer than usual. You are on vacation, take a breath and enjoy the moments.

Social Media: Feel free to give your agent and RAISE THE BAR TRAVEL GROUP a shout out on your social media page, tag us in the photos.

Check in with your agent. Don’t forget that we are here for you. If you have cell service / Wi-Fi you can message, e mail, text or call us. Check in and let us know if any issues arise so I can help right away. Don’t wait if there is an issue. Don’t hesitate to tell us how well it is going.

Most of all  ENJOY THE TRIP.